The Gods of Nire

Before our first episode premiers, I wanted to share my notes on the Pantheon of Nire.

In the beginning of Nire, Esahc, Mother of the World, and Eroom, Father of Death had eight offspring. Esahc gave to each of her children a domain in the new world and commanded them to inhabit it.

  • Hoemis- The oldest of the Gods of Nire created Riain Kane, the first Human, and settled him in Easton.

  • Rawanaand Udos- Twins created the Elves. Rawana created Soora Daeran, the first Wood Elf, and Udos created Vander Aemaris, the first High Elf. Rawana settled her Wood Elves in West Wood, and Udos settled the High Elves in Rootdale. Following a heated argument between Udos and Eroom, however, Eroom sent an army of Dragons to Rootdale. The High Elves fled their home land, eventually settling in Moonlake.

  • Okreusand Kunja- Twins created the Dwarves. Okreus created Lorfurum Warmhelm and settled him in Softhill. Kunja created Webare Redgrip whom she placed in Low Keep. 

  • Toses and Zuulla - Twins created the Halflings. Toses created Sugar Leafwalker and settled him in The Foothills. Zuulla created Ragnachilde Twofoot. After a quarrel with Hecarae, Zuulla disappeared from the realms of Nire. Neither Zuulla or Ragnachilde were ever seen or heard from again.

  • Hecarae - The youngest of the Gods of Nire created Gnillbul and settled her in Turing.

After each original of their race was created, the gods went on to create other people to settle their countries. To this day, each race observes the god or goddess of their country as well as Esahc. If an individual worships Eroom, they usually do not tell other people about it as it can be seen as a sign of an evil person.

There are many tales of the Gods of Nire bickering like siblings and having favorites. Typically Northern and Southern dwarves do not get along because of the arguments between Okreus and Kunja, and humans think they are the wisest even though their life-spans are among the shortest. Okreus and Zuulla were the closest siblings, so due to Zuulla’s argument with Hecarae, the Southern Dwarves have built a heavily guarded wall around Turing and do not let any gnomes in or out of their homeland. If a gnome manages to escape, they can expect to never return.