Jim, the resident PodCat.

Jim, the resident PodCat.

About the Shoulder Cats

We're a group of friends who started a podcast! Shoulder Cats Radio started when Jay and Erin decided they wanted to make a podcast about movies from their childhood. They invited Richard, and The VCR Kids was born.

After investing in some better recording equipment, the gang started brainstorming other podcast ideas. Next to be released was Nire - a Dungeons and Dragons Story.

First and Foremost, the Shoulder Cats are just a bunch of friends. We stole our name from our weekly Pub Trivia Team. We hope that you can hear our love for each other and our love for our listeners in our products. Please click any of the links above to check out our shows! 


The VCR Kids

A Podcast about Childhood Movies.

The VCR Kids started in February, 2018. Jay, Erin and Richard watch movies from their childhood and see if they still hold up. We’ve watched everything from The Neverending Story to The Sandlot, with some Life Size in between. Follow us on Twitter and let us know what movies you want to hear!

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